Far Away From Home is a story-driven tactical RPG set to release for PC this Summer

The 5th annual Indie Live Expo took place this past weekend, featuring hundreds of games from developers across the world. We here at RPG Site decided to quickly spotlight some of the RPGs shown in the stream.

Far Away From Home is a story-driven tactical RPG developed by Matthew Wong, set to release for PC (Steam) this Summer. After a catastrophic global incident, Sinon and has friends friend themselves in a strange-yet-familiar world full of monsters.

A gameplay trailer, description, and screenshots can be found below.

Far Away From Home is a story-driven tactical RPG. After a mysterious turn of events during a scientific unveiling gone awry, Simon and his allies initially think themselves lost. However, after a hostile encounter with strange creatures, they soon learn that their predicament is much more dire.

  • Tactical Combat: Turn-based tactical combat that will challenge you at every step as you battle your way through unique and difficult encounters.
  • Make New Friends: What better way to make new friends than with food? Recruit these strange creatures to your side with tasty snacks. Utilize their unique abilities to turn the tides of battle.
  • Become Unstoppable: Build a formidable fighting force by customizing your team to your individual playstyle. Each character can be built in a variety of ways for vastly different roles depending on the skills and stats you choose.
  • Craft Powerful Gear: Find and craft powerful gear to further augment your team and change how you wage battle against your enemies.

Unfold a Mystery

A joint effort from various nations sees the unveiling of the worlds largest hadron collider, spanning across the globe.

Upon the first demonstration, however, strange rifts start to materialize around the Earth, drawing people into them. After getting sucked into one of these anomalies, Simon and his friends find themselves in a familiar yet unknown world.

Seemingly devoid of all other humans, but in their place, strange beasts, Simon and his friends must unravel the mystery surrounding their predicament and set off in search of a way home.

About Me

I'm a solo dev creating my first game! I've got a separate full time job so I've been only able to work on this in my spare time. I've been chipping away at this for probably close to 6 years now so it feels extremely good to finally have a release date.