2D Open-World, Isometric, Action RPG Crystarise launches on October 28 for PC

Yukiusagi Games announced that Crystarise is launching on October 28 for PC (Steam). Crystarise is an adorable open-world, isometric, action RPG that features some base building mechanics. It will support English and Japanese.

Players take control of a young girl tasked with developing an enigmatic sky island as its guardian deity. The game switches between exploring the island and expanding a home base area. As players explore the sky island in Crystarise, they will collect resources that can be utilized to build structures in their base. Constructing these structures will, in turn, grant gameplay bonuses to players in their travels.

Although people can play the entire game in single player, online co-op multiplayer is also planned to be implemented. No further details have been shared on whether this feature will be available at launch, nor how many players it will support in a single session.

Check out a trailer for Crystarise down below, along with several screenshots.

"Crystarise" is an open-world action RPG that combines field exploration action and base customization simulation, and allows players to grow with the sky island.

Move freely between the vast world and the sky island, and develop the sky island.

The main character, a young girl, is entrusted with the mission of becoming the guardian deity of a "mysterious sky island".

In order to develop the island, she descends to the "great vast world" in search of resources.

In the field displayed isometrically, monsters, items, dungeons, and many other things appear on the screen one after another.

Combine actions such as shooting and slashing to defeat monsters and get resources. Then use the resources you obtain from your adventures to customize your sky island as you wish.

Both will continue to expand indefinitely as the land on which the adventure takes place continues to be auto-generated and the sky islands are expanded by the player.

Create your own sky island, build your own character.

By enlarging the sky island, placing things and NPCs on it, the main character, the guardian deity, is given various powers that are useful for adventures.

And there is no limit to the expansion of the sky island.
The more you place, the more lively the sky island will be, and the more your capabilities will continue to rise!

"I built a bunch of windmills and my dash got unbelievably fast!"
"I put up a bunch of streetlights and now I can venture out at night like it's daytime!"
"When I collected a lot of slime, I got the slime look !?"

It's an open world-action RPG that continues to grow with the sky Island.