If the trailer wasn't enough, here's a bunch of new Final Fantasy XVI screenshots

Final Fantasy XVI news is apparently like your local bus - you wait forever for one to come along, and then a bunch all arrives at once. Such is the case today where we have an embarrassment of riches - a new trailer and release window, information on the development staff, and new screenshots of FF16's world.

The screenshots appear largely dedicated to showing off the world of Valisthea, which, for those who haven't been paying attention, is the all-new world where FF16 is set. 

A bunch of the screenshots show off protagonist Clive just standing around brooding while the world around him looks very pretty indeed, but we've also got a selection of shots of some of the FF16 characters and the Eikon summon god-monster-creatures that are clearly going to play a major role in the game.

See the screenshots for yourself below. Final Fantasy XVI has now been slated for Summer 2023. The wait begins anew...

Final Fantasy XVI Screenshots