Hybrid Visual Novel RPG Flower Knight Hú Dié combines Magical Girls, Turn-Based Battles, and Lesbian Romance

Indie developer Paper Star Studios have unveiled Flower Knight Hú Dié for PC (Steam, Itch.io). The hybrid visual novel RPG is slated to release in Winter 2022.

Flower Knight Hú Dié has players control a magical girl living in Yánghuāchéng, the city of white blossoms. She is seeking the truth behind the disappearance of her best friend. It will feature turn-based battles, three endings, and lesbian romance.

It is being written by Tabby Wright and Miao Xiuhui, while Sora Medina is handling the game's character art. Wright has previously written several visual novels distributed on Itch.io, such as What Grows in the Night and A Wave of Lights. Medina illustrated the Avatar: The Last Airbender: Legacy of The Fire Nation and The Legend of Korra: An Avatar's Chronicle side-story scrapbooks.

Addtional staff for Flower Knight Hú Dié include Iris G. Smit crafting its backgrounds, Starling Oboe composing its music, Kai Kwong handling its logo design, and Khoai on its UI design with illustrations by Shattered Earth. Oboe was also the composer in last year's Loch Mess.

Update: While the Steam & itch.io page for Flower Knight Hú Dié have labeled the title as free-to-play, lead developer Tabby Wright reached out to us on Twitter commenting that it will be a commercial game, though a price point has not been determined yet.

Find out more about Flower Knight Hú Dié down below, along with its first screenshots.

It's been a thousand years since the Collapse—when the seas surged forth to cover the planet and foul creatures swarmed the lands—but today, humanity is flourishing once again. In Yánghuāchéng, the city of white blooms, the citizens live in peace under the protection of the Flower Knights.

To become a Flower Knight brings glory and riches beyond one’s wildest dreams... And it's an honor that Hú Dié wants nothing to do with—not when they failed her most important friend.

“What good is a Flower Knight, if they can’t even protect one girl?”

This is not a question Hú Dié ever expected to grapple with herself—especially not while facing down the wrong end of a spear. But the time for answers is steadily running out as the city is besieged by an all too familiar foe.

Flower Knight Hú Dié is a visual novel with:

  • Three endings
  • Lesbian ROMANCE
  • Turn based RPG battles
  • One love interest
Flower Knight Hú Dié