Open-world survival RPG Frozen Flame launches for Steam Early Access in Fall 2022

Update (June 12, 2022)

A new trailer from the PC Gaming Show 2022 has been added below.

Original (June 9, 2022)

Ravenside Publishing and Dreamside Interactive have announced that open-world survival RPG Frozen Flame will launch for Steam Early Access in Fall 2022.

Frozen Flame has been in development for several years, and a successful Fig crowdfunding campaign ran in 2020, raising $129,000 for the project. The game takes place in an open world plagued by a curse. Players will explore a variety of locales seeking out dangerous conduits to halt the destructive influence of the titular Frozen Flame.

While there hasn't been a new trailer for the game in a few years, a Ravenage announced that a new look at the game can be seen in this year's PC Gaming Show on June 12.

The new gameplay trailer, press release, game description, and screenshot set can be found below, via Ravenside Publishing and Dreamside Interactive.

Press Release

Dreamside Interactive and Ravenage Publishing announced that its long-awaited open world survival RPG Frozen Flame is coming to Early Access on Steam in Fall 2022. A new gameplay trailer will also receive its world premiere during the PC Gaming Show, taking place on June 12 at 12:30 PT / 15:30 EST.

Dreamside and Ravenage invite you to explore the vast, mysterious, and hostile procedurally generated world of dragons made in Unreal Engine. Ridden by the curse it now beckons for souls capable of harnessing the power of the dragons’ magic. Those who seek to govern over these lands will have to amass power and allies to bring the fight to the Ice Citadel, home of the Faceless that spreads rot over the realm.

Tailored for those who love to explore, Frozen Flame offers so much more than just an open world full of beautiful vistas and ancient ruins riddled with pests. With a fully developed progression system, it’s up to you to take the pass you want to go and endure the harsh world full of mystery, threatening enemies, and gigantic creatures guarding the secrets of this world. Play alone or with friends on locally hosted games, join official online realms, or rent a private server and fully customize your playing experience.

Sergey Korolev, Founder of Dreamside Interactive, said:

“Development on Frozen Flame has been ongoing for almost five years, with special attention being paid to the project quality. As a result of community feedback through developer playtests, gameplay data, and our welcoming Discord, we will continue to implement changes, including different gameplay modes and mod implementation.”

Elena Morina, CEO and Founder, Ravenage Publishing said:

“We are excited to be collaborating on the release of Frozen Flame, and our key aim as publisher is to support Dreamside in maintaining a regular release of content updates for the game. We look forward to welcoming gamers to a world of dragons this Fall.”

Game Description

Embark on an epic fantasy adventure in this dying world of dragons. Choose a path, amass power and gather allies to make a stand against the cursed forces, and the destructive influence of the Frozen Flame. Decide the fate of the world through your actions in this open-world survival RPG.

Unknown powers have awoken you from your ageless sleep, so you may return once again to shape the destiny of the realm you passed from long ago. The world of Arkana is dying, beset by the calamity that is the Frozen Flame. And yet there is hope.

You must explore a vast, mysterious and hostile world as it distorts and decays at the touch of the unleashed powers of the Frozen Flame. Overcome harsh environmental conditions, slay great beasts of legend, and step by step retake the land from the curse of the Frozen Flame. Your actions directly influence how events unfold over time and the ultimate fate of Arkana.

The forests, mountains, swamps, and ruins of Arkana conceal magics and artefacts left by the ancients. Recover them, so they may aid you in your quest. Stake a claim and raise a fortress to defend yourself and your spoils from a harsh and treacherous world.

Choose your own path among a wide variety of different options, and leave your own unique mark that shall be etched into the memory of these lands for generations to come. Find allies to help you out on your quest, or compete with others for resources and recognition.

Play alone or with friends on locally hosted games, join official online realms, or rent a private server and fully customize your playing experience. Every realm will have unique conditions, depending on previous player actions in that realm.

Shape the Destiny of the World

Looming over the horizon, its massive silhouette dominating the landscape, stands the Citadel. It houses the Frozen Flame - an edifice of boundless power, blighting the lands of Arkana. Its power grows ever stronger, sending waves of destruction through the land which will lock the world in eternal ice if it cannot be stopped.

Your goal is to amass enough power, resources and allies to take the fight to the Citadel, overcome the Frozen Flame, and stop the curse from spreading across the land. Or pursue your own selfish goals, competing with other players, hindering their efforts, and ruling godlike over a frozen grave.

The Curse Gets Stronger

Conduits - devices scattered across the world, once used to gather and concentrate arcane energies, now serve as far-reaching tendrils of the Citadel’s ruinous influence. Guarded by powerful cursed creatures, these rifts warp and distort reality around them.

The rewards for cleansing a Conduit are plentiful. Take care, however, when braving these enemy bastions, for as the world changes - they will present new challenges and increase the dangers you will face here.

Explore a Land Full of Peril

The lands of Arkana are vast and varied, but the curse has taken root in every corner of the world, corrupting its mighty guardians, turning them into rabid beasts compelled only to devour all things living.

Each land is a unique area with its own dangers, hazards and environment, all of which you must overcome and tame. Find your way through each land to the cursed beasts, breach their lairs and slay them.

Discover the Knowledge of the Ancients

Your ancestors were once beings of great power, who shaped these lands with unbending wills of iron and skills of great masters. Scattered across the lands of Arkana are scriptures of these great beings left behind and artefacts, containing the divine sparks of their souls.

Gather their knowledge, and absorb their essence to obtain their powers. Recover their artefacts, discover what led to their demise and avenge their passing from this world.

Frozen Flame Screenshots and Artwork