SacriFire receives a dazzling new Gameplay Trailer along with a delay to 2023

Pixelated Milk unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming classic JRPG-inspired project, SacriFire. The title first launched its Kickstarter campaign back in June 2021 when it debuted in the PC Gaming Show 2021 event and revealed that Motoi Sakuraba is involved with it.

SacriFire gives a brand-new look at several locations players will come across, including the city of Ivanstone, the forest of Erebus, and Bohemond's Office. Several places in SacriFire contain some traversal segments found in side-scrolling platformer games, but enemies will be clearly visible for people to initiate battle encounters at their own leisure. 

Battles in SacriFire allow players to freely traverse a 3D area to dodge or guard incoming attacks. The trailer briefly shows off a character going on the offensive as their weapon freely shapeshifts into a hammer and then into a spear. Before it concludes, a more powerful attack is unleashed involving the amorphous weapon turning into a greatsword for it.

Although SacriFire was initially announced to be coming in 2022, the title has been pushed back to 2023 for PC (Steam, Epic, GOG) and its console releases will follow after the initial PC launch. In its initial reveal, Pixelated Milk mentioned that the title would be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Switch.

Take a look at the latest footage of SacriFire revealed at the IGN Summer of Gaming 2022 Expo.

The developers from Pixelated Milk reveal an exclusive gameplay trailer for their upcoming action JRPG, SacriFire. The new trailer gives a glimpse at three locations in the game, including Ivanstone, Erebus, and Bohemond's Office. SacriFire is a modern yet retro styled JRPG where players will venture around in various worlds, and the game will launch in 2023 on PC, with console releases following.