Retro-styled JRPG Alterium Shift gets a new gameplay trailer showcasing combat, questing, and characters

During today's Guerilla Collective 3.0 digital showcase, we got a new trailer and demo announcement for upcoming indie JRPG Alterium Shift. This debut project from Drattzy Games shows some clear Chrono Trigger inspirations and features different story arcs via the game's multiple protagonists.

Alterium Shift has been in the works for a good while now, including an original demo that is still available via the game's Steam and pages. However, during todays stream we learned that the project will be published by GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Lt, and that a new updated demo is in the works for later this year.

Check out the new trailer from the showcase below, some information about the game, plus screenshots and artwork showing off the game and its characters.

Alterium Shift is a SNES JRPG inspired indie game developed by two friends (Mottzy and Drass_Ray) who want to share their love for games like Chrono Trigger and FFVI through their own games. In this game you will experience a story rich, living world, where choices and interactions matter! 

Journey with three heroes in training; Pyra, Atlas, and Sage. Their teacher, the war hero Dolion, strives to mold his students into heroes, ones better than himself. You start the game with the three heroes taking their final test before being sent off on an important and life changing mission. What fate awaits these heroes and can they accomplish the tasks set forth before them?

Alterium Shift has a full featured turn-based combat system with a turn-order display for important decision making! Exploit enemy weaknesses and gain experience to grow your party into an unstoppable force! Of course, the loot you earn will also help you a long your journey as well.

Explore the world of Alteria. Meet new and diverse people. Find loot and hidden treasure! Take on new quests. The decision is yours and every decision is important!

We're excited to announce that we will be releasing a new demo in Q3 2022! On top of that, it's our honor to announce our new partnership with GRAVITY GAME ARISE Co., Ltd as shown at the end of the trailer. We're excited for the future of the game and we're happy to have you along for the ride! Thank you!

Alterium Shift Screenshots and Artwork