Zoeti is a turn-based roguelike card battler coming to Steam in 2023

During today's Guerrilla Collective 3 stream, publisher Akupara Games and developer Dusklight Games have revealed gameplay for Zoeti, a turn-based roguelike that uses playing cards and poker hands in combat. The game is set to release for Steam in 2023.

In Zoeti, you can pick one of three different characters to progress through a series of battles, gaining new skills and abilities along the way. What sets Zoeti apart from other rogue-like deck builders is that skills are tied to poker hands from a traditional set of playing cards. The rarer the hand - like a straight flush - the stronger the skill. In battle, you are dealt a hand of playing cards, and you need to use your hands carefully as you decide with of your skills you want to use, depending on which poker cand those skills require.

The gameplay reveal footage, Steam store page description, and a screenshot set can be found below.

Feature List

  • A Royal Flush - Every ability is associated with a player-assigned card hand; The more complex it is, the more impactful.
  • Create a Powerful Arsenal of Abilities - Upgrade, Purchase, or be Rewarded with new skills for your runs. Discover new synergies to overcome your opposition and progress through the story.
  • Your Choices Have Consequences - Decide who you will trust or where you’ll explore; a potential bounty awaits! Or not.

About This Game

Zoeti is a turn-based roguelike that features a deck of playing cards to create card combos to activate skills in the heat of battle. Bolster your arsenal of skills through battles, discoverable upgrades, or aid from the locals which enhance your plays to overcome the evil plaguing your land.

A once peaceful land, now overrun by monsters. You, a Star-Soul hero, are among a select few blessed to raze the land of evil.

In Zoeti, you are equipped with a deck of playing cards, with which you play card combinations (pair, full house, royal flush, etc.) to activate skills that will attack or defend against enemies. Further bolster your arsenal of skills and upgrades through battles and discovery.