Dark Fantasy Roguelite Action RPG The Unliving unleashes undead armies in Steam Early Access starting on October 31

Developer RocketBrush Studio and publisher Team17 have shared that The Unliving is entering Steam Early Access on October 31. The title was initially supposed to enter Early Access last year, but was pushed back.

The Unliving has players take control of a necromancer; it revolves around summoning and managing an army of undead troops to overcome everything in the necromancer's way. Each enemy slain can become an ally and minions can be sacrificed to cast magical spells. Levels in The Unliving are procedurally generated.

RocketBrush Studio and Team17 have stated that they hope to not keep The Unliving's Early Access period for more than year. Its Early Access launch will have "all core gameplay mechanics already in place, and a couple of main locations" and the game's price will gradually raise as more content is added.

An updated demo for The Unliving is now available to download on Steam with improved AI for the necromancer's undead army. Interim versions for the game's localiation in Deutsch, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, and Portuguese have been introduced as well. In February, the developer team implemented a pre-alpha Simplified Chinese localization too.

See the necromancer raise the armies of the dead in the new trailer for the Unliving down below.

Team17 and RocketBrush Studio have today announced dark fantasy action RPG The Unliving will launch into Steam Early Access on 31st October 2022. The Unliving brings together an unholy alliance of roguelite and real-time strategy gameplay to the genre, creating a unique experience that places players in command of their very own army as a powerful necromancer who reanimates fallen foes and commands them to join the ever-growing and sinister horde of undead. In the procedurally generated environments of The Unliving, death is only the beginning; with each failed attempt the Necromancer returns ever stronger, with new knowledge and skills, and a rekindled desire to bring down his fury on the living.