Sword and Fairy: Together Forever shows off several gameplay systems in a new Combat Trailer

Eastasiasoft and Softstar Technology (Beijing) have pulled the curtain back on a new trailer for Sword and Fairy: Together Forever focusing on combat and gameplay. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is a renamed re-release of Sword and Fairy 7 that previously released on PC in October 2021.

This new trailer for Sword and Fairy: Together Forever showcases some of its playable characters, such as Yue Qingshu, Bai Moqing, and Xiu Wu in action. Unlike previous entries of Sword and Fairy, this installment implements real-time action combat; players can now see enemies on the field and approach them to initiate battle seamlessly.

Melee combos can be executed on the fly and various elemental spells can be fired off toward foes to deal significant damage. Learn boss attack patterns to prevail against them. Upgrade the equipment of party members to enhance their stats; some pieces of equipment will have trade-offs. In the trailer, a piece of equipment for Xiu Wu reduces his max HP at the cost of raising his attack power.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever comes out on August 4 to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Experience the new Combat Trailer for the game down below.

Today we released a new combat trailer for the Chinese mythology-based action RPG Sword and Fairy: Together Forever, a brand new standalone entry in the storied franchise. The new trailer showcases real-time combat, magic spells, the skill progression system and how to counter enemy attacks. Sword and Fairy: Together Forever will release on PS5 and PS4 in North America, Europe and Australia on August 4th.

One of the biggest advancements in Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is its shift to fluid real-time combat rather than the turn-based mechanics of its predecessors. Enemies are visible on the field, allowing players to attack or attempt to avoid battles. Once engaged, combat is fast and frenetic as players unleash combos that grow lengthier and more powerful as characters level up. Each party member possesses unique skills that make them indispensable, and an element can be assigned to further customize and balance team composition. The player can also swap between characters that they’re actively controlling, allowing for complete control of the battlefield in any situation. Epic boss battles require quick-thinking strategy and feature “quick time events” that allow players to inflict bonus damage in cinematic style, while precise evasion slows time temporarily and leaves the enemy open to counterattack. Interwoven with intuitive controls, all these mechanics represent a massive leap forward for Sword and Fairy: Together Forever and make it a perfect jumping-on point as the series enters a new era of action RPG combat.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever is originally developed by Softstar Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Eastasiasoft Limited will publish digitally in the west. This new console version of the game will feature four exclusive outfits and a weapon appearance not available in the original PC release. US & EU physical editions for PS5 and PS4 are also in the works with more details to be announced soon.