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Blue Dragon and Super Robot Wars XO Media Update

The latest issue of legendary gaming magazine Famitsu offers a look at the Xbox 360 and some choices games that are set to come out in the near future. Among those were Blue Dragon and the latest in the SRW franchise, Super Robot Wars XO (or as it's known in Japan, Super Robot Taisen XO).

The Blue Dragon feature was spread amongst four different pages that included small bios of the main characters, as well as several different features the game will provide, such as gameplay mechanics, the field of combat, and the newest feature, the Encounter Circle.

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The scans for Super Robot Wars XO highlights the ability to outfit your mech, and also includes some of the gameplay mechanics involved in the game, as well as acquainting the player with the field of combat.

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Blue Dragon is set to be released on December 7th in Japan for ¥ 7140 ($61 USD), while Super Robot Wars XO will be released on November 30 and will sell for ¥ 7329 ($63 USD). No release dates have been announced outside of Japan for either title.

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