Turn-based RPG Sunday Gold arrives on September 13

Developer BKOM Studios and publisher Team17 announced that Sunday Gold is launching on September 13 for PC (Steam). This is a point-and-click adventure game with turn-based RPG battles that was initally announced in early June during the Future Games Show stream. Sunday Gold: Prologue is a small, early slice of the game available now for those interested in trying it out for themselves.

A new release date trailer for Sunday Gold shows a lot more new footage of the upcoming title. After showing off more of its comic book-inspired sequences, a lot of gameplay segments are highlighted in it. Combat surfaces the turn order for both allies and enemies. People utilize AP to attack and can choose to guard to reduce incoming damage. When attacking a foe, the accuracy of the attack will be displayed.

Aside from turn-based battles, there will be times when players interact with environments to proceed. For instance, players consume AP to pick the lock on a parked vehicle and interact with a lockpicking mini-game.

Characters have their own skill trees to upgrade. In the trailer, Sally has trees for Handguns, Brawler, Toughness, and Medic.

Equippable weapons in Sunday Gold have several base stats attached to them including accuracy, damage, critical hit chance, and critical hit damage. There are also several attributes showcased in the trailer, such as a avoidance, damage reduction, initiative, maximum action points, and action point surge.

Check out the brand-new release date trailer for Sunday Gold down below.

Team17 and BKOM Studios in collaboration with CMF, have today announced dystopian adventure Sunday Gold will be coming to PC on 13th September 2022. Combining stylish comic book style art and animation inspired by a visual concept developed by artists at VOLTA, intricate turn-based combat, and noggin’ scratching puzzles, Sunday Gold drops players into a bleak 2070s London, where crime is at an all-time high, trouble stalks the streets, and the corrupt elite are long overdue their bloody comeuppance.  

Combining classic point and click adventure gameplay with escape-room style puzzles and turn-based combat, Sunday Gold follows Frank (aka ‘The Vengeful Ex-Con’), Sally (aka ‘The Activist’), and Gavin (aka ‘The Disgruntled Ex-Employee’) as they take on mysterious billionaire CEO Kenny Hogan. Players will swap control between the unlikely trio, utilising each con’s individual talents to hack terminals, pick locks, break down doors, and take down the bad guys.

For players wanting to give Frank, Sally, and Gavin a leg up in their latest escapade, the free-to-play prologue is now available on Steam, granting a snapshot of the debauchery and illegal activities the trio will get themselves embroiled in at launch.

Sunday Gold Key Features:

  • Atmospheric action: Immersed in the gritty and unwelcoming world of a dystopian near-future London, Sunday Gold’s story takes players into the seedy underbelly of the corrupt elite, where secrets are hidden behind every locked door
  • Stylish turn-based combat: Comic book inspired sequences, specific skills, attacks, and talent trees, along with as many stolen items the trio can get their thievin’ hands on, make for a unique turn-based combat experience
  • Noggin’ scratching puzzles: Explore each room and solve a combination of observation, deduction, and inventory puzzles; hunt for clues, hack terminals, and even bust down a door (or two)
  • Keep your cool: In the face of dead bodies, cybernetic dogs, and psychotic billionaires even the most hardened criminals will start to lose their cool – maintaining the team’s composure with consumables and specific abilities will be key to mission success
  • A trio of trouble: Frank, Sally, and Gavin make for unusual comrades, but without each of their unique abilities to lock pick, hack, and rip things open with their bare hands, the mission is doomed to fail.