Gothic 1 Remake provides a glimpse of how the Old Mine now looks in its latest trailer

Developer Alkimia Interactive and publisher THQ Nordic unveiled a new trailer for Gothic 1 Remake at their THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 event.

The new footage gives players a small tour at how the Old Mine now looks in the remake. The camera flies from the entrance of the mine through its inner regions. Several inhabitants are shown, including fatigued miners and fearsome monsters.

As players of the original Gothic might expect, the remake is remarkably enhanced visually. The light emitted by fire bouncing off the walls and the particle effects from all the mining work make the place feel more alive. Animations have been improved across the board.

Before the new trailer ends for Gothic 1 Remake, it provides a look at the giant spiders that threaten the people working in the Old Mine's depths.

We last heard about Gothic 1 Remake in March 2021 when THQ Nordic shared that the Barcelona-based studio of Alkimia Interactive would be in charge of developing it. No release date or window has been shared yet for the upcoming title.

Gothic 1 Remake is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam)

The Kingdom of Myrtana has been invaded by an implacable horde of orcs.

King Rhobar II, in need of a large quantity of magical ore in order to forge powerful weapons, operates the Khorinis mines with all available prisoners.To prevent them from escaping, the monarch asks his best magicians to create a magical barrier. But something goes wrong. The magic gets out of control and a mutiny turns the mines into a wild territory now controlled by the most violent prisoners.

The King is forced to negotiate with the new owners, while the tension between the different factions of the mines increases. What no one expects is that the arrival of an unknown prisoner will change absolutely everything.


  • Return to The Colony, in a full blown remake of the popular and revolutionary game Gothic from 2001. Rediscover the world of the mining colony, its secrets and challenges.
  • Play as the Nameless Hero – Manage the fate of a lifetime convicted prisoner who must survive in a world of wild animals, creatures and convicts of dangerous reputation.
  • Faithful full remake of the original Gothic 1.
  • Modernized combat system that takes the basic premises of the original combat system to the modern age.