The Valiant receives new footage of its action real-time strategy gameplay mixed with RPG elements

Kite Games and THQ Nordic showed off more of The Valiant at the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 event. This title was announced in May and it is a game that is aims to combine the RTS genre with aspects from RPGs. 

A handful of new footage was highlighted for it as players fight across Europe during the Fifth Crusade. A map screen shows how players will be progressing between different stages throughout the country. Before deploying, players can customize a squad and ensuring they have a balanced team that is right for the upcoming challenges ahead.

Each hero has three skill trees to specialize in; there are trees for defensive, offensive, and utility traits. In the trailer, a defensive skill called Bond of Brotherhood is displayed. It forms a Bond with a nearby friendly squad, which gives both the hero and squad the ability to regain Fortitude equal to 25% of the damage they deal. They will also both receive 25% less damage to them and if they move too far away from one another, the Bond breaks between them, thus rendering the skill inactive.

Several environments are shown in the new trailer for The Valiant, including a snowy battlefield and a wartorn farmland at sunset.

Some of its multiplayer modes were briefly shown off too, including the co-op three-player Last Man Standing mode which is The Valiant's version of horde mode and a competitive mode that involves seizing control points from one another.

In its initial announcement, The Valiant was slated to release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Now, the latest trailer and press release have only acknowledged that The Valiant will be "coming soon" to PC.

In The Valiant, you’ll lead a band of brothers through medieval Europe to stop one mad villain: Ulrich von Grevel. He is trying to get a mythical and powerful artifact that would grant him unearthly powers. He must be stopped at all costs! Developed by Kite Games, The Valiant is coming soon to PC.