Jagged Alliance 3 - Showcase Trailer from THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022

During the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022, THQ Nordic and Haemimont Games released a new trailer for Jagged Alliance 3.

Originally announced nearly one year ago, Jagged Alliance 3 combines a strategic campaign with turn-based tactical combat and RPG elements. The game is set to release for PC, but a release window has yet to be stated.

The new showcase trailer can be seen below.

They took our home, our dream, our president! It's time to take it all back! 

In Jagged Alliance 3, you hire a team of unique mercenaries to rescue the president of Grand Chien, who was kidnapped by a paramilitary force known as "The Legion". 

Engage in intense battles and spend your action points wisely in strategic, turn-based combat. Use the environment and the strength of your mercenaries to gain an advantage over your enemies. Loot and customize an arsenal of weaponry and get the most out of your special perks to win the battle against "The Legion". 

Jagged Alliance 3 is coming to PC.