Illustrated text-based RPG Roadwarden arrives on September 8 for PC

Developer Moral Anxiety Studio and publisher Assemble Entertainment have shared that their upcoming illustrated text-based RPG, Roadwarden, is launching on September 8 for PC (Steam) with support for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A demo for Roadwarden is now available on Steam to try out as well.

Roadwarden is a modern take on classic text-driven choose-your-own-adventure RPGs. Gameplay is entirely driven by scenarios presented through text and players will have to make decisions based on events happening around them.

In a world inspired by high fantasy and medieval times, people take up the role of a Roadwarden; they are travelers who brave the terrors of the wilderness to take up a number of jobs - from helping out merchants, delivering messages between towns, getting rid of hostile beasts, and so forth. The main story revolves around a merchant guild hiring players to explore an enigmatic peninsula to spread their influence.

Roadwarden exhibits a handful of RPG elements, such as upgrading a character's abilities and being able to spec them into a warrior, mage, or scholar. Plus, players will be able to craft how their character is seen by others in the world through their actions and responses.

Check out the release date trailer for Roadwarden down below and if you're interested, give the game a shot yourself with its free demo on Steam.

The Game

Who or what is a Roadwarden?

You are a Roadwarden, a brave stranger putting their life in danger to make a difference in a grim fantasy world. While most people would never risk a solitary journey through the wilder parts of the land, you willingly accept the struggle. You guard travellers, connect isolated villages, support merchants, and repel attacking creatures, bandits, or even undead.

What's the story about?

A powerful merchant guild has called on your services, sending you on a journey into the unknown planes of a mysterious peninsula in the hopes to expand the guild’s influence even further. You are meant to explore this place and gather as much information as possible to reveal the secrets surrounding the area. It’s a dangerous task, but an equally respectable one.
Other then that, your character will pursue a unique goal selected by you, such as wealth or fame. But do you have the courage to meet all the requirements that define a roadwarden

How to play?

Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG that uses isometric pixel art and combines mechanics borrowed from RPGs, Visual Novels, adventure games, and interactive fiction, such as inventory puzzles, dialogue choices, character abilities and progression, hit points. simple survival mechanics. or quests restricted by in-game time.


Explore and change the world!

Discover the secrets and face the vast challenges of a hostile fantasy world – inevitably unveiling its uniquely fierce lore.

Grow with the challenge!

Create your own background, abilities, beliefs, and personality to shape your very own future as a roadwarden.

Classical attitude!

Prepare yourself for an adventurous journey, either as a warrior, mage, or scholar and define your character‘s attitudes, like friendly, playful or intimidating, during interactions with NPCs.

Get lost in conversation!

Immerse yourself in profound dialogues and sidequests with dozens of NPCs to gain their trust and support.

Mysteries unfold!

Use your savvy and be witty when investigating and drawing your conclusions to understand the true nature of this world.

Overcome your weaknesses!

The world is full of dangers and nobody can be trusted. Be the roadwarden you want to be and find your path to success against all odds!