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Yoshinori Kitase Talks About Final Fantasy VII Remake

In an era where remakes are becoming highly popular, you would think that Square Enix would jump in on this trend and finally make an HD remake for their classic title, Final Fantasy VII. Series producer and director, Yoshinori Kitase, has this to say about the Final Fantasy VII remake in a recent interview with OXM:

"If I may speak as a game creator, if we were to produce a remake of 7, for example, I would be really tempted to delete things and add new elements, new systems or whatever because if we were to make exactly the same thing now, it’d be like a repeat.

It’d be an issue of repetition and not as much fun to make such a game. So I’d be really interested in rearranging games or reshaping games into something slightly different even though it’s supposed to be the same game.”

However, Kitase has the insight to know that this sort of direction would not sit well with the fans:

“If we did that, the fans might be disappointed or [say] ‘this is not what I was expecting’ so in that sense maybe some might say that it’s better to let memory be memory.

When we play the games we made years ago, sometimes we think ‘oh, that is not really cool’ or ‘that probably should have been a bit better than that’ and that sort of thing.

But on the other hand, those slightly negative features and bits, for some of the really enthusiastic fans of these titles, that gives the game extra flavor or personality or whatever. So maybe they would rather we didn’t do anything about it and we just leave it in as it is. It’s very difficult to decide what we should we keep in and what we should take out.”

Would you guys be okay with a Final Fantasy VII remake being changed drastically? Though a majoirty of fans would love to see an HD remake of FF VII, most of the Square Enix staff believe that making HD versions of all the cities would take an inordinate amount of time. Also, all of the people who were behind the development of FF VII are all working on different projects. These are perhaps the two main reasons are preventing Square Enix from making the VII HD remake

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