Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Remake reportedly shifts development to Saber Interactive

A new report by Bloomberg has shed some light on the development situation surrounding the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Remake was originally announced to be in development at Aspyr, a studio mostly known for bringing classic Star Wars and other games to modern platforms, such as Republic CommandoJedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy. In recent years, Aspyr has ported the original pair of Knights of the Old Republic RPGs to Nintendo Switch.

Following a report last month by Bloomberg's Jason Schreier, which stated that development on the RPG had been paused, Embracer's Q1 financial report included the following statement, which many people believed was referencing the reportedly troubled remake.

One of the Group's AAA projects has transitioned to another studio within the Group. This was done to ensure the quality bar is where we need it to be for the title. We are not expecting any material delays for the title based on this transition.

Bloomberg's new report reveals that, according to sources, Aspyr is no longer the primary developer on the remake, which has instead transferred to one of Saber Interactive’s Eastern European studios. Saber Interactive is Aspyr's parent company, as well as one of the operating groups within Embracer Group, with several studios worldwide.

Also according to Bloomberg sources, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Remake will likely take at least two more years to finish. The RPG is set to release for PlayStation 5 and PC, but currently does not have a release window.