Dragon Quest: Swords gets a Developer

Japanese Developer Genius Sonority has announced that it is the developer behind Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors on behalf of Square Enix.

The title, set to be a landmark as Square-Enix's first Wii title is slated for a Spring 2007 release in Japan. The game is of great importance, and Dragon Quest is one of the biggest videogame franchise in Japan, surpassing even Final Fantasy.

Genius Sonority is headed up by Manabu Yamana, who has been involved with the Dragon Quest series before - he has worked on Dragon Quest III right though to VII, and also worked on the Playstation remake of Dragon Quest 4. Genius Sonority are most famed for their work on several Pokemon titles for Nintendo.

We'll bring you more on Square-Enix's first Wii RPG as we get it.

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