Strategy RPG Lost Eidolons launches for PC on October 13; Xbox Series in 2023

Ocean Drive Studio has announced that Lost Eidolons will launch on October 13 for PC (Steam). The Xbox Series X|S release will follow in 2023.

The turn-based tactical RPG was originally announced in March 2021, followed by a closed beta earlier this year.

A PC release date trailer and description can be found below, via Ocean Drive Studio. The official website is here.

Ocean Drive Studio is delighted to announce the release date for its turn-based tactical RPG Lost Eidolons on PC. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, backers and medieval fantasy fans alike will be happy to learn that Lost Eidolons will be released October 13th on PC (Steam). The Xbox series S, X version will be released early 2023.

Lost Eidolons is a tactical turn-based strategy RPG set in a fantasy world called Artemesia. Cycle between the tactical turn-based grid combat and an out-game unit management system to prepare, outwit, and prevail in each of the sequences and discover the outcome of the revolution.

The story follows Eden, a reputable mercenary in his hometown of Lonetta. When an aristocratic conspiracy causes his fall from grace, he is left with no choice but to follow the machinations of fate that will engross him into a ploy to overthrow the conquering Emperor, Ludivictus. A journey riddled with moral dilemma, bitter farewells, and emotional betrayal; Eden’s journey will force him to discover who he really is on this grand stage.

Jae Kim, CEO of Ocean Drive Studio shares: “As fans of TRPG ourselves, we would like nothing better than to have Lost Eidolons join the ranks of great games of the genre when we launch. We’ve had to delay the launch a couple of times based on our players’ feedback after conducting two betas and two Steam demos. It meant we had to spend more time and money to make changes, but looking at the game now, I have no doubt the delays were worth it. I hope all of our beta and demo players will be proud of the final product they helped shape, and count Lost Eidolons as a great TRPG.”
About Lost Eidolons 

  • 30+ hours of gameplay
  • Complelling main story combat + side story combat
  • Fully voice-acted cutscenes
  • Quests, gearing up, and 30+ units to recruit
  • Over 20 classes for units to advance to
  • English, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portugese, Simplified Chinese, Other Languages TBD

 Lost Eidolons will be released on PC (Steam) October 13 and Xbox consoles early 2023.