Pixel-art RPG Manafinder set to release on October 5 for PC

Wolfsden has announced that pixel-art RPG Manafinder will release on October 5 for PC (Steam, Itch.io).

Manafinder was showcased at the 5th annual Indie Live Expo which took place earlier this summer. Lambda is a titular Manafinder seeking manastones to protect humanity from the many threats of a dangerous world.

The new trailer can be found below. More details and screenshots can be found in the game's earlier reveal.

Manafinder will be available on Steam and itchio on October 5th 2022!

Fight your way against ferocious beasts and other threats in this turn-based RPG as you survive in a world vastly untapped by mankind! Become a manafinder and make hard choices as you seek a better life for both yourself and other exiles. Make use of weapons, magic, elemental ores, healing plants, and your loyal dog companion Scar as you embark on this 10-12 hour long quest!