9 million hours of The Old Republic played in 3 days

EA have revealed that Star Wars: The Old Republic clearly has quite a bit of public interest and has had 2.4 million registrants wanting to beta test and try out the new Bioware and Lucasarts tie-up MMO.

EA Chief Financial Officer Eric Brown revealed the statistics at the Global Media and Communications Conference, confirming that 2 million of those registered got their hands on the game in the beta weekends.

During Thanksgiving weekend, the new MMO saw 725,000 players log in to the server with each user putting in on average 12 hours - making for an absolutely ridiculous 9 million hours logged over the course of a three-day weekend.

The MMO is simultaneously the sequel to the much loved Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from Bioware and the successor to Star Wars Galaxies, which will close later this month. It's Bioware's most expensive MMO to date, and boasts being the first MMO to have every NPC, no matter how minor, voiced.

It's launching for PC on December 20th, and while console versions have been hinted at this is a firmly PC-only release for the forseeable future.

[Gamespot via VG247]

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