Frey faces the problems of Cipal's citizens and the Break phenomenon in the TGS 2022 trailer for Forspoken

Luminous Productions and Square Enix have released a new TGS 2022 trailer for Forspoken. It is a more story-focused trailer with some footage of platforming and combat for Luminous Productions's upcoming action RPG.

The trailer recaps how protagonist Frey Holland was transported to the fantasy land of Athia from modern New York City. She quickly has to adapt to the lands of Athia because it is filled with aggressive, corrupted wildlife from the Break phenomenon.

At one point, Frey is attacked by a ferocious bear-like creature when she barely arrived in Athia; she is acquainted with an unlikely ally - a golden spiral accessory attached to her right wrist, which she calls "Cuff". 

Frey is gifted with a vast array of magical spells in her time in Athia. She lends her assistance to the citizens of Cipal because it is one of the last remaining safe places that surviving Athaians can call home. Not everything will go as Frey hopes as some people suffer a tragic fate in front of her in the TGS 2022 trailer.

Players must master Frey's arsenal of wizardry to survive in Forspoken. A few platforming sections are showcased, along with several combat encounters.

Forspoken launches on January 24, 2023 for PlayStation 5 and PC (SteamEpicMicrosoft Store).