Watch the latest Final Fantasy XVI trailer, which focuses on crystals and nations

The latest trailer for Final Fantasy XVI is here - and with it, it brings a wealth of new information on the game's story, revealing more about the world that you'll travel as FF16 protagonist Clive when the game releases at some point next Summer.

The new trailer reveals previously unknown information about Valisthea, the land in which Final Fantasy XVI is set. Valisthea is dying, the trailer reveals, with the crystals - a recurring element of the Final Fantasy series and often one of the sources of life in FF's worlds - are fading. 

"We cannot live without the blessing of the crystals," one character warns. Several other FF titles are focused around the power of the crystals, and how they can be destroyed or used to destroy all life. In some games crystals are elemental macguffins that must be collected, while in others they're less corporeal but still directly connected to the game's plot.

In addition to the talk of the state of an ever-darkening Valisthea, the trailer reveals more information about the Kingdoms that dominate the land. These have been revealed before, on the FF16 website, but in the trailer we get a greater look at them. The kingdoms are known as the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Dhalmekian Republic, the Iron Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Waoled. 

These new locations, kingdoms, and states will join the likes of Alexandria, the Archadian Empire, Baron, and the Garlean Empire as major players in the medieval-based FF titles.

No more of the FF16 characters were of a particular focus in the trailer, but we do get another look at protagonist Clive and his younger brother Joshua, who also happens to be the Dominant of Phoenix - one of the Eikons who formed the focus of the previous trailer for the game - as well as a range of other friends and foes.

If you want a greater idea of what FF16 is like beyond what Square Enix has revealed so far, RPG Site has you covered. We've got an in-depth analysis of the combat system & mechanics and the key development staff, and deep-dive profiles on FF16 director Hiroshi Takai and creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro - read all that, and you'll have a good idea of what to expect from this highly-anticipated title. 

Final Fantasy XVI is set for release at some point in Summer 2023 as a timed PS5 exclusive. Any word on further platforms, including PC, currently remains an unknown - though Square Enix did admit that the game's first trailer was running on PC hardware.