Star Ocean: The Divine Force introduces Theo Klemrath and J.J. in new Character Trailers; also details Story Overview, Boss Battles, Battle Tips and more in final Mission Report

Square Enix and Tri-Ace have shared another set of trailers for Star Ocean: The Divine Force during the lead-up to its launch later this week. Their latest - and final - Mission Report trailer gives a brief overview of the story alongside details for J.J. and Theo Klemanth, both of which have had their character trailers released this week. The Mission Report also details some information about boss battles, and some battle tips for how to tackle enemies both weak and strong alike.

Additionally, Emperor Bohld'or Il Vey'l, King Raimbaut Aucerius and Neyan Khezal were all introduced during the report. Emperor Bohld'or leads the Vey'l Empire at war with the Kingdom of Aucerius, who of course is led by Laeticia's father - King Ramibaut. Neyan Khezal is the Chief of Staff for the Kingdom of Aucerius' Royal Guard. Theo Klemrath, who is introduced in his own character trailer, is also detailed for his relationship to Laeticia as her cousin during the Mission Report.

Another aspect of the story, Scorpium, ties into another character introduced this week - J.J. A man who has mostly replaced his body with Scorpium, this mysterious lifeform that is neither carbon-based or silicon-based is poised to take center stage with The Divine Force's story.

Alongside some minor tips and tricks for how to tackle boss battles, the Mission Report also detailed a dungeon dedicated to boss battles - the Den'mohr Delve. Players can progress deeper and deeper into the dungeon, battling tough enemies for experience and items.

Finally, the opening movie for the game was also revealed, with HYDE providing the opening's main theme "PANDRA".

Star Ocean: The Divine Force releases for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC (Steam) on October 27.

English Mission Report #5: Story Overview, Boss Battles and Battle Tips

Japanese Mission Report #5: Story Overview, Boss Battles and Battle Tips

English Theo Klemrath Introduction Trailer

Japanese Theo Klemrath Introduction Trailer

English J.J. Introduction Trailer

Japanese J.J. Introduction Trailer

Star Ocean: The Divine Force Opening Movie