Valkyrie Elysium's Major Update releases today, allowing players to wreak havoc as Hilde

Square Enix has released a new trailer and some information about Valkyrie Elysium's newest update, which adds a variety of new content to the game. Starting today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and coming alongside the incoming PC release, players now have access to new difficulty options, a New Game+ side-story in Hilde's Vengeance, and the new Bloody Palace-like wave survival mode in Seraphic Gate.

With Hilde's Vengeance, players will take control of the Valkyrie Hilde, who features a retooled moveset compared to the main story's Valkyrie. Instead of Einherjar she employs a set of Shadow Servants to aid her in battle; alongside a unique skill tree and a more weighty combat style with her halberd.

Seraphic Gate is a timed challenge, where players will be given a moveset and a group of enemies which they'll be tasked with taking out as efficiently as possible. With every new floor, both the enemies you'll face and the tools at your disposal will change - testing players' knowledge of the game's combat system.

Hilde's Vengeance and Seraphic Gate will both require players to have reached at least one of the game's endings first in order to access, while the additional difficulty modes in Very Hard and Valkyrie Difficulty simply add another option for players to tackle. 

Valkyrie Elysium's latest update launches today on PlayStation 4 and 5, with PC receiving the content day-and-date with its launch later this week.