Blasphemous Pixel Artist Thomas Feichtmeir confirms they were part of a pitch for a Dark Souls 3 2D Metroidvania

Thomas Feicthmeir, aka Cyangmou, who worked on pixel art for games such as Blasphemous, today revealed on Twitter that he was part of a pitch around 6 years back for a potential 2D Metroidvania reinvention of Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3, which was released in 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, was the conclusion for the Dark Souls trilogy - a series that has needless to say gone on to inspire many other games in the industry, not the least of which being Metroidvanias much like Blasphemous. 

While needless to say the pitch never got off the ground floor, it's still always interesting to hear about games that one day might have been. It's always worth remembering that for every game that comes out, and every game that even just gets announced - many more are pitched and never end up seeing the light of day. While we'll never see what a 2D reinvention of Dark Souls 3 might've turned out, it's still cool that we now know it was something that was at least entertained in the first place.

With Bandai Namco pledging to make Elden Ring more of a multimedia powerhouse in the wake of that game's massive success, who knows what sorts of spin-offs and adaptations we might see - perhaps in a similar vein to this once-pitched Dark Souls 3 Metroidvania - we might find in the future? Maybe not, but it's certainly fun to consider the possibilities.