What's the best Final Fantasy? It's time to have your say in our 35th Anniversary Fan Poll

Time sure flies, doesn't it? It feels like only yesterday that we were talking about the thirtieth - or even the twenty-fifth - but Final Fantasy is approaching another milestone anniversary next month - its 35th year! 

From the release of that very first Dragon Quest-alike on Nintendo's Famicom to huge Western success and acclaim on PS1 and the modern era where the series enjoys MMO success while grappling with how to respond to the rising success of single-player Western RPGs, Final Fantasy has always been ever-evolving - which always means any debate about what the best of Final Fantasy is ends up entertaining and interesting. And, y'know, we love to hear from our readers - so here we are, polling once again.

Respond to the Fan Poll here, and make your voice heard!

A Yoshitaka Amano artwork drawn to celebrate 35 years of Final Fantasy.

The form is set up to be as open as possible, but responses are highly monitored and suspicious voting activity will be deleted from the final results. We do not collect your email address, only your responses, which are anonymized. 

The goal here is to offer a Western-focused alternative to the Famitsu reader polls you often see reported and translated online - to build a democratic picture of how people feel about games in the Final Fantasy series. And so, now, you can tell us your favorite Final Fantasy game, plus answer some other questions about your preferences and feelings about the series. The results will be published around the anniversary, late next month.

When we last did this poll five years ago for FF's 30th, the top three games accounted for almost 50% of the vote alone - with Final Fantasy VII, IX, and VI clearly the ones that most stole the hearts of fans. We're curious how the poll will change from the 30th anniversary results. With more hindsight, will Final Fantasy XV increase its top 5 position, or drop down the table? Has Final Fantasy XIII got better with age? Will the Pixel Remaster re-releases mean that the original three FF titles are more appreciated now than five years ago?

We can't wait to find out. Get to voting!