Forspoken demo out now on PlayStation 5

If you've been on the fence about Square Enix's big-budget new game, you now have a chance to test it out for yourself - as a Forspoken demo is out now on PlayStation 5.

The demo was revealed at The Game Awards ceremony, alongside a range of other premieres and announcements.

Forspoken is the latest game from Luminous Productions, a new development studio founded from much of the team that developed Final Fantasy XV. It uses the same engine and technology as FF15, and one can see a definite lineage between the two games.

In recent months, Square Enix has been releasing a range of deep-dive videos of Forspoken covering areas of the games including the game's setting of Athia and protagonist Frey's wide range of magical abilities

After initially running into some troubles with rocky presentation quotes and some meme-worthy trailer dialogue, Forspoken appears to have settled into a solid groove and is showcasing a unique-looking open-ended role-playing game with some quite deep gameplay systems.

Forspoken hits PS5 and PC on January 24th - though the demo is only available on PS5.