Check out these high-quality screenshots from Final Fantasy XVI's latest trailer

At The Game Awards, Final Fantasy XVI brought the goods, with the announcement of a release date and differences between each version up for pre-order. The star of the show was, of course, the trailer that delivered not just some of that key information, but a visual spectacle filled with intriguing details in its own right. 

To coincide with all that, Square Enix has dropped a fresh batch of FF16 screenshots for us to do what RPG fans do best — stare at each individual pic for entirely too long, scrutinizing their every detail.

We begin with Odin riding upon Sleipnir in the middle of a battlefield. With a powerful swing of his weapon, Odin cleaves a path through the carnage.

Newly-revealed character Cidolfus Telamon factors heavily into the latest trailer, including moments at which he fights alongside Clive. This portion of the trailer shows Cid tapping in to assist him before, as the screenshot displays, using lightning-elemental magic against a foe. 

Never one to be upstaged, Clive engages in some painful-looking aerobics. Seconds later, these massive arms on either side of him thrust skyward, followed by some rather earth-shaking animations. It's safe to assume this is the aid of Titan, Hugo Kupka's Eikon.

Clive slices through these arcane symbols, causing at least one enemy to suffer some damage and get sent flinging backward into the distance. This could be an example of a more basic swordplay technique, or it could instead be tied into Eikon powers — perhaps Odin's?

Garuda, the Eikon of Benedikta Harman, has Clive in her grasp.

A fiery slugfest between not one, but two, Ifrits. The background paints a picture of some rather suffering surroundings.

It's nice to get some confirmation that Clive eventually reunites with Joshua in some fashion. "13 years I've waited for this chance," we hear Clive say in the trailer's narration around this point. "I won't be dying today." The tone of their reunion appears at minimum melancholy; if not downright tragic.

You can pet the dog (Torgal) in Final Fantasy XVI.

Nothing says Final Fantasy more than seeing the protagonists riding chocobos across a scenic expanse. Torgal looks like he's having fun keeping up.

Clive appears almost to be praying in front of Ifrit. This occurs earlier in the sequence that leads to the dueling Ifrits, for the record. You can see that same pinkish purple haze and the castle-like structures along the perimeter.

Clive, Jill, Cid, and Torgal all stand ready to challenge a crystal dragon. We see them all working together in the fight that follows. Along similar lines, at one point in the trailer Jill asks what she and Clive should do as enemies surround the pair. "The usual," Clive quips. This might be the first time any form of joke's been cracked in FF16's entire marketing campaign.

This sinister-seeming fellow sure does have it out for Clive. That is, unless he's guiding him, albeit menacingly. Of note, flames are flickering around the character. If this is somehow Joshua, the man's sharp facial features would indicate he's outgrown the somewhat baby-faced youth of Clive's past.

The same character, seen from afar.

Clive, suitably vengeful in the 'Revenge' trailer. The shades of blue here almost spring to mind Final Fantasy 15 hero Noctis as he was depicted in the days when the project was still Versus XIII, though such comparisons are almost certainly purely anecdotal.

What do you think? The game's a looker, for sure. Hopefully, we see some quieter fare in the marketing months to come, like town exploration, commerce, and even some mini-games. But Square Enix has done well to finally showcase some party-esque dynamics involving Jill, Cid, and the big pupper Torgal. 

Final Fantasy XVI arrives June 20, 2023 for PlayStation 5.