Japan's Biggest RPG creators share their aspirations for 2023

Continuing with their yearly tradition of interviewing members of the industry about their aspirations heading into the new year, Famitsu has once again collected a variety of statements from various Japanese creators.

Fumihiko Yasuda / Masaaki Yamigawa - Team Ninja

Team Ninja will first release Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on March 3, 2023. They will then move on to Rise of the Ronin. Afterwards, the team will prepare their next title after the two.

Junzo Hosoi - Gust

"First of all, I want to conclude the Atelier 25th anniversary year which has been enjoyed by everyone. It will also be a year where we do various challenges for the 30th anniversary & beyond, so I'll do my best to deliver better experiences! We will release the Atelier 25th anniversary title Atelier Ryza 3, as well as Blue Reflection Sun, so please look forward to them."

Kenji Anabuki - Bandai Namco (Scarlet Nexus)

"Compared to before, it now takes a lot of time to make 1 game, so there is a strong sensation where I have to really dedicate my life to creating things. I'm aware of my remaining life so I want to have these 365 days with no regret every day. And I also want to try a full marathon for the first time. I'd like to run at Tokyo Marathon with a cosplay of Scarlet Nexus' Yuito, so I'd be glad if you can cheer for me (laughs)

I've been working on a lot of things under the surface, and I'll do my best to be able to announce them someday! I've also been posting Scarlet Nexus screenshots every day on my Twitter account ([and I've been doing it for] over 2 years now). I'd be glad if you kindly check them."

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Bandai Namco (God Eater, Code Vein)

"I've been putting the same target for a long time, but this year I'll construct a new gaming experience by compiling things I piled up until now. I also have many hesitations but got help from reliable friends.

I'm squirming at the bottom of the dev swamp so there's nothing to report for now, but Code Vein has gradually gained more users. Please play it during the holidays...!"

Yusuke Tomizawa - Bandai Namco (Tales of series)

"This year I might continue working behind the scenes, so I want to work on them with strong feeling and love without breaking my motivation and balance body. (I still can't get away from 1995) And I must also do maintenance on my own body, which I have neglected for years...

Tales of Symphonia Remastered will finally be released worldwide on February 16. As one of the series' best stories with appealing characters, it still has not paled out even now, so I hope you get to touch it in current-gen platforms."

Shoji Meguro - Freelance (ex-Atlus composer)

"I want to make my own self-produced indie game Guns Undarkness to have a form within 2023. The game's content will be a JRPG with gun-based battles, but individually making a JRPG is a hectic thing with "lots of things to do..!" But I still want to somehow finish it!

While I'm working on Guns Undarkness, I'll also continue to provide songs to Atlus."

Hironobu Sakaguchi - Mistwalker (Fantasian, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, etc)

"I was considering retiring, but I end up trying to work one more time... while the title is still unpublished, I've begun writing the scenario for a new game. It will be a dark fantasy. I'm still not quitting FFXIV. See you in Eorzea."

Hiroshi Matsuyama - CyberConnect2

"I want to make everyone worldwide have fun by announcing projects that describe CyberConnect2 in not only games but also manga & anime. The newest title, Fuga of the Battlefield 2, is planned for release in 2023."

Kotaro Uchikoshi / Kazutaka Kodaka - Too Kyo Games

They have released AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative. The next title, Master Detective Archive: Rain Code will be available in Spring 2023. The team is also currently working on a Tribe Nine game.

Toshihiro Nagoshi - Nagoshi Studio

"2022 was a year when I created an organization, develop new tech & create games at the same time. Currently, they're progressing with the best form so it's going really well. Will continue to proceed with it in 2023.

It's very unfortunate that we haven't reached the phase where I can talk in detail, but there's the possibility for us to go all-out in publishing information at an unexpected time. You will be certainly surprised so I'd be glad if you anticipate it."

Hideaki Itsuno - Capcom (Dragon's Dogma 2)

"Half of my 2022 year was ruined by Lumbago (low back pain), so I am keeping my health in check. After full recovery and getting a large bike license (keep the latter secret from my wife), I want to try a full marathon challenge.

I am very immersed into Dragon's Dogma 2's production that I ended up not realizing the seasonal changes. It's progressing in a good sense, so I want to raise its completion rate to be able to quickly deliver the next information details."

Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) - Square Enix

"We're hopeful we can meet fans and gamers expectations alike by delivering Final Fantasy XVI by its release date without any further complications. Final Fantasy XIV is also entering into it's second decade of service. Between both titles we're really running on full throttle! (Not that it's any different from usual)

Shortly following the dawn of the new year, Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.3 is planned to release in January. We hope the volume of the content added with the patch can help clear the haze leftover by the New Year's holidays! Of course, Final Fantasy XVI's release date is quickly catching up to us, so please stay tuned for more information in the days ahead."

Finally, these last two were translated by Twitter user @Hansuke21:

Naoyo Shimokawa - Aquaplus (Utawarerumono, Dungeon Travelers)

"In 2023, We will take a little break and to build up new strength for our next title. We would like to continue and take on new challenges just like our company, so please look forward to it."

Toshihiro Kondo - Nihon Falcom

"In 2023, we will be releasing Ys X. Not only with these elements unique to this game, but the system that has been in place for many years (Ys 7-9) will also be drastically revamped. Please stay tuned for further updates."

Needless to say, there are plenty of other Japanese creators that have their thoughts and aspirations to share for the new year - happy holidays from us at RPG Site, and here's hoping your aspirations for 2023 bear fruit, as much as the creators on here!