Atlus teasing "multiple games in development" in recent New Years card

As part of Famitsu's yearly New Years Card article, Atlus has announced that in addition to planning to release Persona 4 Golden on consoles, and Persona 3 Portable on PC and consoles, the company is currently developing "multiple" additional games. Interestingly, the company specified "unannounced" titles - so we can't be sure if this includes previously announced titles like Project Re Fantasy - nevertheless, the company is assuring their fans that they have multiple new games in development for players to look forward to. Take a look at our translation for the relevant section below:

In 2023, in addition to our plans to release our remasters of Persona 4: Golden and Persona 3: Portable, we have several unannounced titles currently in the midst of development. We hope you can look forward to when we can formally announce them!

Doubtlessly, whenever Atlus feels comfortable to properly announce these in-development titles, we'll be sure to eagerly report the news!