Stop-motion short film reveals Summer 2024 release window for Black Myth: Wukong

Game Science, the developers behindĀ Black Myth: Wukong, have released a new short video celebrating the upcoming Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rabbit.

The video itself is a fun little stop-motion film, which is great!

It comes with a short teaser for the upcoming Journey To The West-inspired action RPG, giving a release window of Summer 2024. As for right now, the game is currently only confirmed for PC, although the developer states that releases on "main-stream consoles" are in the works.

You can check it out for yourself below. For more, you can check out 8 minutes of boss battle gameplay from August 2022.

Good luck, good health, and lots of happiness. Game Science wishes you a very happy fancy dandy Year of the Bunny!