Marvel's Avengers to end later this year, with a final update in weeks

After a long journey, it appears it's time for Crystal Dynamics' vision of Earth's Mightiest Heroes to be disassembled - with the end of Marvel's Avengers now officially slated for later this year. 

In a blog post announcing the game's impending end, the developers confirmed that the final update for the game will be pushed on March 31st, 2023, while official support will then be discontinued a few months later on September 30th, 2023.

Despite the service ending, the game will continue to function in both single and multi player modes after the service officially ends - but it means that this story, universe, and game-as-a-service is over. Avengers was originally planned to be a hub for many years of content - in the end, it didn't even manage three full years.

When the game's final update rolls in, all cosmetics previously sold through the Avengers in-game stores will be made free-of-charge, thus allowing players to experience more of the game after the service formally ends. There will, however, be no refunds for those who previously spent cash on those same cosmetics.

The game will be available to purchase digitally until September 30th, 2023. At this point, it will be delisted from digital store fronts. Physical copies will be sold until they run out, and will continue to function.

It's fair to say that the service-based action game has had a difficult life since its launch back in 2020. Even before its launch, it struggled with comparisons to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and botched marketing efforts. Avengers began life as a Square Enix game, one of the company's biggest bets alongside a more linear and story-focused Guardians of the Galaxy game. However, when Square Enix sold developer Crystal Dynamics last year alongside much of its other Western game development operations, Avengers was part of the sale.

Back in 2020, we described Avengers as a game with potential and similar RPG hooks to other successful service games like Destiny, but with deep and impossible-to-ignore flaws. In the end, despite several rounds of DLC, new heroes, new challenges, and more, it never really lived up to its potential, or the scale and fame of the intellectual property it was based on. 

Now, new studio and game owner Embracer Group has apparently decided to cut its losses.

Crystal Dynamics will continue on. Under Embracer, the studio is working on a new Tomb Raider title and also assisting Xbox Game Studios' The Initiative on a reboot of spy thriller series Perfect Dark.

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