Wuxia-style pixel-art RPG Wandering Sword is getting a Steam Next Fest demo on February 6

Spiral Up Games and The Swordman Studio (previously Xiameng Studios) have announced that a Steam Next Fest demo for Wandering Sword will launch for Steam on February 6.

Wandering Sword was previously revealed in May 2022, showcasing a pixel-art style similar to Square Enix's HD-2D games. It looks to have a battle system reminiscent of Live A Live, though we'll have to check out the demo for ourselves to see how it compares. The demo will be available until February 28.

A new trailer, details, and a set of screenshots can be found below, via Spiral Up Games.

Game publisher Spiral Up Games is releasing a trailer and demo of wuxia-style RPG Wandering Sword in February’s Steam Next Fest. Transform into a young swordsman caught up in a deadly feud between rival sects in ancient China. Traverse across scenic locations, charming towns and dangerous terrains. Make friends with like minded pugilists and go on quests to help the weak while honing your martial arts to become a kung fu grandmaster.

Players can wishlist Wandering Sword on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1876890/Wandering_Sword/) to be notified of the free demo that will launch on the platform on February 6th, during the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

Developers at The Swordman Studio (previously Xiameng Studios) have been working hard for the past two years to present a grand Chinese martial arts RPG presented in beautiful 3D pixel art rendering. They are finally ready to unveil its first demo.

As a young pugilist, gamers traverse across ancient China to escape enemies. They will meet new acquaintances and forge new friendships. They will go on quests to help the weak and resolve misunderstandings, while strengthening their skills as a martial artist to eventually leave their mark on China's Wuxia history.

CEO of Spiral Up Games - Aldric Chang - says, “Wandering Sword is a shining example of the kind of high quality indie games Spiral Up wants to represent and put on the world stage as a game publisher. It showcases ancient locations, rich history, acts of heroism and cool martial arts. We love it and we are sure that fans of RPGs will love it too!”

Wandering Sword