The Thaumaturge gets a short Gameplay Reveal trailer

Less than a week since the game's announcement, publisher 11 bit studios and developer Fool's Theory have released aashort Gameplay Reveal trailer for The Thaumaturge, a story-driven RPG that takes place in 20th century Warsaw.

The gameplay trailer doesn't provide a lot of detail for the title, with less than a minute of actual footage. Still, the trailer shows off bits of the isometric artstyle of the game, some combat animations, and an incredibly brief glimpse at what looks like a sort of card-based skill system that integrates with a round-based combat framework. It's a bit thin on the ground, but provides a little bit more context to what we saw in the initial CGI announcement footage.

The Thaumaturge is currently in development for PC. No release window has been stated.

As you might have already noticed, in 1905 Warsaw there are countless mysteries lurking in the darkness at every corner. If you watched the Announcement Trailer carefully, you might’ve stumbled upon a secret path leading you to the first gameplay video. If you missed it, you can watch it now.