Wild Hearts adds Hellfire Laharback and more in first content update

Electronic Arts has released a new update to Wild Hearts, detailing the Hellfire Laharback, gameplay improvements and more.

The details can be found below, via EA.

Wild Hearts released on February 17 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EASteamEpic).


Welcome to the first post-launch content update for Wild Hearts! In today’s content update, a new Kemono – the Hellfire Laharback – has been added, including a quest to face off against this fiendish foe and a new talisman skill. The Hellfire Laharback is sure to be a fiery challenge for those unprepared.

This content update also includes an ample amount of adjustments and fixes that the team has been working extremely hard on to improve the game and we wanted to take a moment to highlight those efforts. To callout just three of these fixes/improvements:

  • Players now can look at their full list of skills equipped during armor creation, weapon creation, and armor modification.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from receiving rewards after successfully hunting certain giant kemono.
  • Karakuri that can contain food, such as Ingredients Chest and Drying Rack placed in advance, will be removed to ensure that they are not destroyed during the battle with Amaterasu in Minato.

This, of course, isn’t the end, as we’re dedicated to Wild Hearts and we’ll be consistently working on making the gameplay experience better throughout this year for all our players to enjoy the game. Your feedback is invaluable so please continue to share your thoughts with us.

The new content coming today includes the following:

New Kemono - Hellfire Laharback

A new breed of volatile Kemono – a Hellfire Laharback – has appeared on the Natsukodachi Isle. You must quell the torrid inferno before it reduces everything to ash, and restore tranquility to the island.

For accomplishing this new feat, hunters will receive the title Fire Fiend Appeaser.

Will you be able to handle the heat or will you back out of the hunt?

New Talisman Skill - Infernal Blow

Upon your first successful hunt, Hellfire Laharback may drop a talisman with a new skill – Infernal Blow.

Infernal Blow will increase the chances of setting prey ablaze and boosts the power of attacks against ablaze Kemono.

New Quest - Deeply Volatile Kemono - Ruins

After you complete all the main story quests, Suzuran’s husband Yoshichi will have a new request for you. After accepting the quest, you will find the hunt on the Main Map under the new section Side Stories.

Side Stories will allow you to access any additional quests that are added via content updates.

Grimstalker in Two Weeks, Murakumo & More in April

Still want more? In two weeks on March 23rd in a second content update this month, Grimstalker arrives in Azuma! After completing the quest for your first hunt, check out the new Grimstalker armor and weapons. To show our excitement, new emotes and chat stamps are also being added. 

Rumors also swirl that even more Kemono are on their way to Azuma in April. Until then, stay focused on the hunt in front of you.

For the full list of changes coming in today’s update*, including bug fixes, read more here.