Lost Eidolons to launch for PlayStation consoles in addition to Xbox later this year

Ocean Drive Studio has announced a partnership with PID Games to bring Lost Eidolons to newly-announced PlayStation consoles and previously-announced Xbox consoles later this year. The tactical RPG was previously released for PC (Steam) in October 2022.

The short press release can be found below, alongside some screenshots. The console launch does not yet have a release date.


Console version of Lost Eidolons rises on the horizon.

Ocean Drive Studio partners with PID Games to release the XBOX and PlayStation version this year.

Both the studio and publisher will be participating at PAX EAST 2023!

­About the Game

­­A classic tactical turn-based RPG

Lost Eidolons is a turn-based tactical RPG with a gripping cinematic narrative, set in a waning empire riven by civil war.

Take up arms in a saga of rebellion

Take on the role of a charming mercenary captain, Eden, and lead his band of allies through epic encounters on a classic turn-based battlefield. 

Defeat the empire

Lead the rebellion and steel yourself for the battles ahead by perfecting your strategy to reclaim the empire.

Key Features

  • Master the Grid: Strategically station your soldiers in every battle to take advantage of their class and magic skills. Master the battlefield and seize victory in challenging grid-based combat scenarios.
  • Wield the Elements: Lay siege to towering castles, overtake cunning bosses with unique abilities and take on hulking monsters that will force you to change up your tactics, or become their next meal.
  • Bond With Allies: Leading a rebellion isn't just about winning battles. You'll also have to build your camp, convince people to join, get to know their stories, and help them navigate the highs and lows of revolution.
  • Customize Your Squad: Recruit and train the perfect fighting force, with over 20 playable characters and 10 classes to choose from. Equip and train your allies to unlock new skills, spells, and passive abilities. Pit your mighty squad against entire armies and rise triumphant.
  • Relive Your Greatest Battles: Win the war all over again, with a rich NEW GAME+ mode. Carry over your choice of stats and items, then recruit new allies, try new strategies, and experiment with different difficulty levels.
Lost Eidolons