Nintendo opens "Nintendo Systems" division in partnership with DeNA

Nintendo officially opened a new joint venture with mobile developer DeNA. It's called "Nintendo Systems", and also has its own official website. Exactly what the newly founded venture will be working on wasn't specified, but the joint venture was first announced back in November 2022. Nintendo and DeNA also have a fairly long history together, having partnered up as early as 2015. DeNA also worked with Nintendo to develop and release mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes and Pokemon Masters EX 

A statement on the new Nintendo Systems website says that the venture consists of engineering teams from both Nintendo and DeNA. The division's focus is on leveraging the companies' partnership to "create new innovations for the world." The press release announcing the debut also referred to research and development focused on creating "valuable services". It also detailed that Nintendo is the majority contributor to the venture, supplying 80% of the initial capitalization. DeNA is footing the other 20%. Nintendo Systems' directors will be from the Nintendo side of the equation, as well. 

The new ventures' offices will also be divided in Japan between Shibuya in Tokyo and Kyoto, where Nintendo's main headquarters is located. Nintendo Systems will open recruitment for new staffers starting in June 2023. A Japanese-language contact form is available on the website but is restricted to IP addresses located in Japan. According to the description, the form will allow interested applicants to register their details for future contact when June comes around.