Sony reportedly working on a new handheld game device

Sony might not be out of the handheld console scene yet. A report published by Insider Gaming suggests that Sony is working on a new PlayStation handheld device under the code name "Q Lite". The rumors -  which, to reiterate, may not end up being true - don't specify a potential release window, but suggest it may be timed for some time in 2024.

According to the report, the Q Lite (or whatever it might be called eventually)  resembles a PS5 DualSense controller but includes a large, 8-inch touch-enabled screen. The device will have DualSense-style adaptive triggers, an audio jack, built-in speakers, and controls for functions like power and volume.

However, the new PlayStation Handheld - if it exists - seems to be intended less as a standalone device like a Steam Deck or a Nintendo Switch, and more as a peripheral for users who own or plan to own a PS5.

The device will supposedly not store or play games locally. Instead, it may work integrally with Remote Play. Remote Play allows players to use the console they own to stream gameplay over wi-fi or the internet to a variety of devices, including PCs, smartphones and tablets, and TVs. This is different from the functionality of "Game Streaming" services like Nvidia's GeForce Now, the late Google Stadia, or Xbox Cloud Gaming. Those services use external servers maintained by the company to host and stream the game. Remote Play uses a player's existing console to and internet connection, with their device acting as an input device.

Incidentally, Sony has been pushing Remote Play functionality in recent days, with a promotional trailer for the feature released just a week ago.

Sony's last handheld was the PS Vita, which was discontinued in 2019.