Gundam Breaker Mobile to shut down service in June 2023

Even a Gundam game can be chained down by gravity. Gundam Breaker Mobilethe mobile RPG spin-off of the Gundam Breaker series, is set to end service in a matter of weeks. According to an official announcement on both the Japanese and English-language official accounts for the game, it will shut down by June 4, 2023. The game first launched in August 2019.

An update on the official Gundam Breaker Mobile website thanked players for their support. As of April 5, 2023, purchases of the "Haro Chip" premium currency were closed. Players will be able to play the game normally until the end of service. Additionally, Bandai Namco launched a special "Appreciation Festival" in-game event set to run from April 5 until the end of service. The Appreciation Festival will allow players to earn special coins to exchange for rewards like parts from previous events, Build Projects, and other goodies. Players will also be able to roll their remaining Haro Chips on a special gacha banner consisting of high-quality parts and other rewards. Finally, the energy point cost for Free and Story missions are halved for the duration of the game's remaining life.

Originally launched in 2019, the English edition of Gundam Breaker Mobile went by the name Gundam Battle: Gunpla Warfare. Like the main Gundam Breaker console and PC titles, the setting posits a world where players compete using moving Gundam plastic models. Gundam Breaker Mobile even hosted its own bespoke in-fiction Gundam design, the Gundam Artemis. Other unrelated Gundam series like the Gundam Build anime series and the Plamo-Kyoshiro manga used a similar conceit. Animation studio Sunrise even produced a Gundam Breaker-based "Battlogue" animated special, starring characters from the Gundam Breaker console games and Gundam Breaker Mobile.

The last Gundam Breaker title to launch overseas besides Gundam Breaker Mobile was 2018's New Gundam Breaker on the PS4 and PC. In RPG Site's review, Josh Torres called it a "disappointing, watered-down experience."