Pokemon Wonder attraction allows roleplaying as a Pokemon researcher

It's springtime in Japan, and a newly reopened outdoor attraction will take advantage of the weather to let gets roleplay outside as Pokemon researchers. Called Pokemon Wonder, the attraction is billed as a "nature adventure", and first opened in 2021. After being closed for a time following its initial run, it's open once again and taking reservations for the April to July 2023 operating season. [Thanks, Denfaminico Gamer.]

Pokemon Wonder is part of the Yomiuriland amusement park area, located in Inagi City (part of the Tokyo Metropolitan area). The attraction itself is set deep in the park, in a 4,500 square meter natural forest, left undeveloped for nearly twenty years. Participants in Pokemon Wonder will group into teams of up to six, and set off down one of two trails. Each trail is set up to look like a classical hike through the forest. The trails are seeded throughout with glimpses of over fifty Pokemon across the different zones.

In keeping with the theme of "harmony with nature", the Pokemon displays were created using natural materials, with the designs adjusted to make the Pokemon look like they fit in the environment. Examples seen on the official website include a display of a small Diglett poking up through the soil, or a Seedot mixed in with a pile of real-life acorns. In some areas participants can also unearth "fossilized" Pokemon, like an Omanyte. Participants will also receive "research notebooks" containing hints from a new Professor character on where to find different Pokemon displays.

Reservations for Pokemon Wonder range in price from 6,700 Yen (about $50 USD) for an elementary-age child and adult to 20,400 Yen (about $155 USD) for a full 6-person group.