The Digimon Adventure: 2020 anime is now available via the Microsoft Store

Toei Animation announced that it is now selling the whole Digimon Adventure: 2020 anime series for digital purchase on the Microsoft Store. The entire 67-episode run is now assembled into five seasons on the storefront.

Digimon Adventure: 2020 first aired in 2020 and ran through 2021 in Japan and on Crunchyroll in various territories. It was a reboot of the original 1999 Digimon Adventure anime series. It stars Taichi, a young boy who is one of the "DigiDestined", and is transported into the Digital World of the Internet to meet his Digimon partner, Agumon. Together with friends and allies, Tai and Agumon must stop the evil Dark Digimon army and prevent it from carrying out attacks on the digital and real worlds alike.

Unlike the one available on Crunchyroll, the Digimon Adventure: 2020 series on the Microsoft Store is the English dub version. Each season is available for purchase separately, and pricing ranges from about $22.50 USD for SD resolution to about $38 USD for HD resolution. Overall it'll cost about $115 USD to purchase the whole series in SD, and almost $176 USD in HD. Those who don't mind the Japanese dub can watch the Crunchyroll version by subscribing to the service.