Arknights: Perish in Frost anime adaptation previewed in new trailer

The next season of the anime adaptation of strategy RPG Arknights is coming soon. Developer Hypergryph and publisher Yostar uploaded a new preview of the season, titled Arknights: Perish in Frost, to its official YouTube channel.

Check it out below. Be warned: The trailer contains potential spoiler references to the first season of the anime, Arknights: Prelude to Dawn.

The Perish in Frost teaser shows central characters like Amiya, Ch'en, Kal'tsit, and the Doctor, as well as the first glimpses of FrostNova, a Reunion elite and leader of the infamous "Yeti Squadron". 

Produced by animation studio Yostar Pictures, the Arknights anime series adapts the "Main Theme" story campaign of Arknights, which was released in English in 2020. Both the game and anime are set in Terra, a world both ruined and powered by a special mineral called Originium. Though Originium forms the basis of most technology and grants access to powerful magic-like effects, it is also the cause of Oripathy, a deadly disease. Those who contract Oripathy become known as Infected and are persecuted mercilessly by Terra's nations. The persecution gave rise to Reunion, a violent insurrectionist movement aiming to topple non-Infected civilization. Standing against Reunion is Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical research group and paramilitary organization that advocates for Infected rights and seeks a cure for Oripathy. Central to the struggle is the mysterious "Doctor", who was once a Rhodes Island luminary, but now suffers from amnesia.

The first season of the anime, Prelude to Dawn, ran for 8 episodes and ended on December 16, 2022. It covered the first three chapters of the main story. Perish in Frost does not yet have a firm release window or season length, but FrostNova's presence in the trailer suggests it will cover chapters 4 through 6 of the main story (there are 10 chapters total in the first story arc of Arknights).

Arknights is available on iOS and Android devices. The first season of the anime is available to view on Crunchyroll and other streaming services.