Cygames announces establishmean of Cygames America and Cygames Europe overseas branches

Cygames has announced new American and European branches to promote and market upcoming titles in North America and Europe.

While no titles are announced by name, perhaps the upcoming releases of Granblue Fantasy Relink or Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising will be the first titles with promotion handled by these newly-established branches. Or maybe we will see official western releases of Granblue Fantasy or other currently-unlocalized mobile titles like Uma Musume.

The announcement in full can be found below, via Cygames.


Tokyo-based video game publisher and developer Cygames, Inc. has announced the establishment of two new overseas branches: Cygames America in the United States and Cygames Europe in the United Kingdom.

Following the worldwide launch of Cygames’ strategic card game Shadowverse in June 2016, a Global Business Development team was established alongside branches in Korea and Taiwan to further promote the company's titles outside of Japan.

Cygames America and Cygames Europe are the latest additions to Cygames’ ongoing push to promote and market their titles in North America and Europe, which together account for roughly half of the world's video game marketplace.

In keeping with the company’s vision to be the best in entertainment, Cygames strives to continue providing high-quality content for fans all around the globe.

Cygames America Overview

Name: Cygames America Inc.
Date of Establishment: April 2023
Capital: 700,000 USD
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Services: Marketing and licensing
CEO: Motohiro Okubo

Cygames Europe Overview

Name: Cygames Europe Ltd.
Date of Establishment: March 2023
Capital: 500,000 GBP
Location: London, United Kingdom
Services: Marketing and licensing
Managing Director: Hiroaki Ochiai