Final Fantasy XVI systems trailers showcase combat, parties, Torgal, and new Eikon art

Square Enix released a new series of introductory videos showcasing Final Fantasy XVI gameplay. Over a total of six trailers reported on by 4Gamer, the company detailed more about the game's Eikon battles, combat, abilities, and the use of buddies like Torgal and Clive's party members. The team also released eight new pieces of artwork of the Eikons by FFXVI Lead Character Artist Kazuya Takahashi.

The trailers mostly consist of footage presented in previous reveals, recut with some descriptive text highlighting the systems at play. If you're interested in playing Final Fantasy XVI for yourself, though, note that some of what's shown may be considered a minor spoiler.

Check them out below. [Update May 11: The trailers have been updated with English language versions.]

Final Fantasy XVI "Eikon Battles" trailer:

This trailer shows off fights between various Eikons in the game, which feature unique setups and mechanics. Ifrit, Titan, Bahamut, Phoenix, and Typhon all appear.


"Summon Action" trailer:

This trailer shows off the "Eikon Switching" system at the heart of FFXVI's action-based combat. Clive can switch freely between sets of powers drawn from the Eikons. With up to three move sets to master, this allows for various combinations of powers and effects.


"Story Focus Mode" trailer:

Final Fantasy XVI includes a "story focus" mode for players unused to action games, or who want to experience the narrative without having to master the combat system. Story Focus mode, which is enabled both by an in-game setting and special accessories, simplifies the button inputs needed, as well as automating ability usage and evasion in some circumstances. Timing-based prompts will also have a wider window to execute.


"Abilities"  trailer:

Clive will have various abilities based on each of the Eikons he encounters. Players can invest abilities with skill points. Mastering skills increases their effectiveness. Skill mastery can also be reset and reallocated, and combos can be tested freely in Training Mode.


"Buddies" trailer:

A showcase of Torgal's abilities, this trailer shows how Torgal can be commanded in combat. Torgal will fight freely, but commands can cause Torgal to target a specific enemy, heal Clive, or help set up a foe for combo attacks.


"Party" trailer:

The trailer shows Clive fighting alongside not just Torgal but also his allies and companions. Party members will fight on their own and are controlled by the game's AI. They'll support Clive automatically and use unique skills and attacks.

Finally, Square Enix also released eight new pieces of art from Lead Character Artist Kazuya Takahashi. The new art depicts eight of the Eikons in the game: Phoenix, Shiva, Ramuh, Garuda, Odin, Titan, Bahamut, and Ifrit.

Final Fantasy XVI Eikon Art

Final Fantasy XVI releases on June 22, 2023 for PS5. Check out more character art here alongside profiles of the cast.