RPG Maker Unite released on Unity Asset Store

Developer Gotcha Gotcha Games has released the first edition of amateur game development kit RPG Maker Unite on the official Unity Asset Store. The release comes after multiple delays, including from its original release date of April 6, 2023, when it was pushed back to address some further "stability concerns". 

In fact, RPG Maker Unite's release was stymied one final time on the very day it was supposed to come out. Gotcha Gotcha Games had set the final release date for April 27, 2023, but a bug in the Unity Asset Store's product displays prevented the release from pushing through as planned. That's been worked out, and the program should be visible to all interested.

RPG Maker Unite is the first version of the famed RPG-focused software suite to be based on the popular Unity game engine. Like other entries in the series, it is designed to be a "coding-free" experience, using graphical user interfaces and free assets to allow users to craft their own bespoke role-playing games. It also has its own default asset library to get users up and running quickly. New features like Parallax Scrolling, an enhanced map editor, and aids to help automate certain dependencies like difficulty scaling promise a step up from previous RPG Maker versions.

RPG Maker Unite is available on PC via the Unity Asset Store. The program goes for a standard price of $99.99 USD but is currently offering a 10% new release discount. Users who buy the suite before May 22, 2023, will receive a "Mob Character Set" additional asset pack free of charge. A Steam release is planned at a later date.