Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 launches on May 23, new trailer and additional changes previewed

Via the latest Letter from the Producer Live stream, Square Enix has shared more details about Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 "The Dark Throne." The patch launches on May 23, 2023, leaving about ten days for the ongoing Moogle Treasure Trove activity

The stream also revealed a trailer for the patch. Check it out below, though beware: It contains potential spoilers for the post-Endwalker Main Scenario .

The new trailer previews various story developments for the Main Scenario Quest, particularly the Warrior of Light's coming confrontation with Golbez. Other announced content is also teased, including a continuation of the Hildibrand Quests, the Mount Rokkon Variant and Criterion Dungeons, and the addition of Duty Support for various Stormblood dungeons.

In addition to previously announced additions, the latest stream clarified some further info about coming content. It also previewed planned changes to Jobs in both PVE and PVP gameplay.

Here's a quick summary of what else is coming:

Job Adjustments / PVP

  • Blue Mages will have their level cap raised from 70 to 80, and gain new spells, gear, and Masked Carnivale enemies.
  • Several party-level buffs have had their range extended - these changes mainly affect abilities increasing outgoing damage or reducing incoming damage.
  • The Paladin's Atonement skill will no longer interrupt combos.
  • The Dragoon Jump and High Jump abilities won't affect a player's position as recognized by the game server (though the visuals will be the same). This will reduce instances of players jumping into a boss' area-of-effect attack.
  • Other changes are planned to increase the damage output of Paladin, Gunbreaker, and Warrior in comparison with Dark Knight, based on player feedback about the damage balance.
  • PVP Series 4 and Season 7 of Crystalline Conflict will launch with Patch 6.4. Players who rank within the top 100 or Diamond tier of Crystalline Conflict will receive extra rewards. These include a cosmetic item that adds a special effect to Hellhound weapons (pictured above).
  • Significant adjustment to the "Shatter" PVP map, as well as changes to how teams accumulate the score. The map is now more focused and symmetrical, funneling teams into direct confrontation over tomeliths.

New Gear and Duties

  • The new Aetherfont dungeon will debut as part of the Main Scenario.
  • Players will fight Golbez in the new Voidcast Dais Trial.
  • New weapons are on their way, inspired by the Weapon Design Contest winners, as well as a new gear set.
  • The conclusion of the Pandaemonium Normal Raid series, Pandaemonium: Anabaseios, will debut.
  • Mount Rokkon is the new Variant and Criterion Dungeon. As a Variant Dungeon, it's meant for casual play by solo or mixed parties of 4. The Criterion dungeon is a high-difficulty challenge for a standard party, with an "Another" mode with even more restrictions.

Other Modes and Content

  • Additional ranks, visions, and gathering areas are coming to Endwalker's Island Sanctuary area. 
  • New construction plots, item rewards, crops, handicrafts and structures are also coming.
  • Players will be able to play Outdoor Furnishing items near structures, though not items like gardens or striking dummies (meaning you still need a house or apartment to do that stuff).

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PS4, PS5, and PC. Patch 6.4 launches on May 23, 2023.