Demon Lord Reincarnation dungeon crawler gets a Steam page

Indie developer Graverobber Foundation announced via Twitter that its latest game, Demon Lord Reincarnation, now has an official Steam store page. A release window hasn't been announced yet.

Demon Lord Reincarnation is inspired by retro dungeon-crawler RPGs, and hints of games like Wizardry 4 can be seen in its approach. However, enemies and allies alike are represented in a unique monochrome pixel art style. Movement through the dungeon is handled in 3D, and is designed to make the player "feel uneasy" to keep the dungeon view exciting.

Notably, Demon Lord Reincarnation will also have a second story mode. After players delve into the dungeon and defeat the Demon Lord, the story continues from the Demon Lord's perspective. Players will then lead a party of monsters trying to escape the dungeon, fighting new sets of enemies and facing a literal uphill battle toward freedom.

Check out more information from the game's store page below.

In ancient times, the land of Isigwere was terrorized by monsters led by Leinad, the Demon Lord. His reign of terror ended when a group of heroes defeated him and sealed him deep underground. After their victory, the heroes disappeared, and a maze was built to prevent the Demon Lord from escaping, should he awaken again.

Today, the seal is broken, and monsters swarm the maze as the moment of the Demon Lord's reincarnation draws near. Adventurers from all over the world have gathered together to defeat Leinad once again.

Key Features

  • Assemble a party of four heroes from 20+ character types
  • Survive through brutal turn-based battles, where poor judgment can result in a permanent loss of a party member
  • Unlock new skills in the heat of the battle, from devastating attacks to underhanded moves
  • Find safe spots to regain your strength and make sure the monsters won't get a drop on you
  • Enjoy stylish visuals supported by atmospheric music and rocking battle tunes
  • Defeat Leinad and continue the story through his perspective and escape the dungeon while commanding an army of monsters

Demon Lord Reincarnation is in development for PC.