Final Fantasy XIV 6.4 site update previews new gear sets and bosses

Looking for something to buy with your Tomestones? The latest batch of screenshots uploaded to the Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4 update site has you covered. Ahead of the update's May 23, 2023 release date, Square Enix put a few more preview screenshots up to give players more to look forward to.

Some of the shots were shown off as part of the recent preview live stream event, but are now available in cleaner resolution. They all show off, however looks at new Blue Mage gear, the Mount Rokkon Variant and Criterion dungeon, the Voidcast Dais Trial, bosses from the final wave of Pandaemonium raids, and new crafted and Tomestone gear.

The gear set previews show off some of the newest aspirational items for players to add to their glamour chests.

New Gear Sets for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.4

The Pandaemonium: Anabaesios gear sets lean into the robe-like aesthetic seen with the gear set from Pandaemonium: Asphodelos, but with more ornate flourishes and less overt influence from the vaguely Greek interpretation of the Ancients' culture. Meanwhile, the new crafted gear keeps a quasi-modern fantasy "punk" look, a sharp contrast to the Classical and Rinascita sets unveiled in previous sets. Finally, the new Tomestone gear set will be purchasable with the new Allagan Tomestones of Comedy currency. Those will drop off high-level Duty Finder daily tasks. The set itself features a uniform look, with emphasis on insignias across the classes, but the highlight are the unique weapons, which were added out of the winners of the Weapon Design contest.

Check out the rest of the new screenshots below.

Final Fantasy XIV  is available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Patch 6.4 debuts on May 23, 2023.